3 Tips on Creating an Effective Emergency Preparedness Plan

Holidays and presents are fun and easy to focus on!  It’s important however to be mindful of keeping your friends and family safe.  Having an Emergency preparedness plan in your home, office, and community of friends is very important.  Here are some things to consider when creating your emergency preparedness plan:
  1.  Consider communication.  Do you have a plan A, B, and C for communication?  Oftentimes in crisis, cell phones or typical lines of communication don’t work.  So perhaps it is important to lay out a meeting place, a chain of communication, purchase walkie talkies and radios, etc.
  2. How will you stay safe?  In your plan make sure that you understand both how to evacuate and where to shelter yourselves.  This is different for different kinds of emergencies.  You would want a different shelter plan for during a tornado than during an earthquake, for example.  In addition, what is your shelter plan if your primary residence is destroyed?  Do you have tents, other houses in mind?  Carefully lay out different types of emergencies you might go through, and create a shelter plan.
  3. Think about basic needs.  It’s important to have a plan for basic needs beyond shelter.  Do you have a stock of food, fuel, and water?  Where will you store it?  Do you keep inventory of it and freshen it every few years?  Is it accessible in the case of emergency?  Do you have emergency medical plans?
Our First Aid Survival kits are an integral component of any emergency plan.  Tailored specifically to your area’s needs in regards to potential threat, we can help you make sure your bases are covered as best as possible.  Additionally, these kits make great Christmas gifts for those that are hard to buy for, or who are particularly safety-conscious!
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