America’s electrical grid is made up of more than 450,000 miles of high voltage transmission lines. That’s over 450,000 miles of things that could go wrong, but every day we take our electricity for granted. Blackouts and power outages occur all the time, but are typically resolved in just a few minutes or a couple of hours. However, what if a major blackout hits your area and you are without power for days instead of minutes or hours? Are you prepared? Do you have the necessary emergency supplies you’ll need to keep your family safe and secure?

There are lots of things you can do to better prepare yourself. Electrical generators are nice, but they can also be expensive and they are not always 100% reliable. There are some very basic and inexpensive items that you should purchase and keep as part of your emergency supplies stockpile. Candles, matches, a good flashlight, survival sleeping bags and a decent first aid kit would be a good start, and you can purchase them from almost anywhere as your budget allows. A more convenient and cost effective way to ensure that you get the things you will need is to purchase a Survival Blackout Kit that is specifically engineered toward the problems you will encounter in a blackout. It’s the best way to make sure you get the things you’ll need.

It’s important that you take into consideration how many people, their ages and the length of time that you want to plan for. Bear in mind the history of blackouts in your area to get a good idea for how much time to plan for. Electrical storms, heavy snow and ice storms are the leading cause of blackouts. If you live in a rural or isolated area you should plan for additional time before power will be restored.

Family Blackout Kit

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All items are packed in our Drawstring Bag/Backpack with two string shoulder straps for easy carry. This kit is designed to help provide emergency lighting and basic survival supplies during a power blackout.

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