Our public schools and universities represent “soft targets” where large numbers of people gather. The terrorist attacks all too often come from the very students that attend the school, but experience is teaching us that an even larger concern may be on the horizon from extremist groups.

Fortunately, the vast majority of schools have started taking terrorism into account with their crisis planning. Practices have been introduced that include preparing for gunfire on campus and subsequent lockdown procedures. Every classroom should be equipped with a Classroom Lockdown Kit and an adequate First Aid Kit as part of their preparedness plan.

Because of the large numbers of people that are left at school without the immediate ability to secure transportation it is also important that classrooms be prepared for all kinds of weather events. Tornado Kits, Earthquake Kits, Blackout Kits and a variety of Survival Kits should be stored and made available when the need arises.

Guardian Classroom Lockdown Kit

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This Classroom Lockdown Kit includes everything you would need to allow a class of 30 people to get through an emergency lockdown situation for an extended period of time. All items are packed securely in our 5 Gallon Bucket with Toilet Seat Lid.

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