If you live in an area where travel in a remote area is a possibility then a survival kite is a necessity.  Getting lost or experiencing a vehicle breakdown on the backroads of the desert or a high mountain pass can be a very stressful if not dangerous situation.  Most of our kits come equipped with such items as emergency lighting, first aid supplies, shelter and warmth, food, water and tools that you will find handy in any situation.  Some kits come with a portable radio but we recommend that you add communication radios to your kit.  A weather radio, handheld scanner or even a CB radio will add an element of communication that could be vital to your safety.

Auto Survival Kit

Product Description

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All items are packed in our large, heavy duty Tactical Backpacks. Each backpack has a large clam-shell main compartment, an internal zippered pocket, six external zippered pockets, padded shoulder straps, waist and sternum straps, two adjustable compression straps on each side, carry handle straps on the top and both sides, and PAL compatible webbing located on both the front and bottom. This kit is designed to meet the demands for roadside survival practices. The Auto Survival Kit follows the guidelines of governmental agencies, including the FEMA and Red Cross requirements for one person/four days.

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