Hurricanes are strong, life-threatening storms that can cause serious flooding, high winds and tornadoes. Unlike a lot of nature’s storms, hurricanes usually come with plenty of warning. However, their swath of destruction is so large and wide based that sometimes it’s hard to know where to run to. What can you do to help keep your loved ones safe?

Listening closely to your local TV stations, area radio and NOAA radio for the latest updates and information is a good start. You should be prepared to evacuate quickly so know your escape routes and destinations well in advance. Talk with all family members about what to do if a hurricane strikes. Discussing hurricanes ahead of time and having a good plan in place will helps reduce fear, particularly if you have younger children in the home.

You should establish a stockpile of emergency supplies somewhere inside your home with easy access. Stocking your supply closet can be intimidating, but starting with a good Hurricane Survival Kit will give you the confidence that at a mininum your basic survival needs have been established. If you are including long term food storage items in your supplies be sure to check the expiration dates often. Check all your emergency supplies regularly and replenish any items missing or in short supply.

Hurricane Survival Kit

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All items are packed in our large, heavy duty Tactical Backpacks. Each backpack has a large clam-shell main compartment, an internal zippered pocket, six external zippered pockets, padded shoulder straps, waist and sternum straps, two adjustable compression straps on each side, carry handle straps on the top and both sides, and PAL compatible webbing located on both the front and bottom. This kit is designed to meet the demands for hurricane survival practices. The Hurricane Survival Kit follows the guidelines of governmental agencies, including the FEMA and Red Cross requirements for one person/four days.

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