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The threat of nuclear war continues to grow, thus more individuals are searching for a kit of this type and the company has responded to this demand with a range of kits, reports.

First Aid Survival announces the launch of new kits designed to provide comfort and security in the event of a nuclear war. As the threat of this type of warfare continues to rise, more individuals are purchasing Nuclear Survival Kits to prepare for this type of disaster. To accommodate the needs of all, the company offers a full line of kits ranging from a personal kit for one individual to a family kit designed for multiple individuals. In addition, an ultimate kit is now being offered.

“These kits launched on the website in early September and have been flying off the shelves. Each kit contains supplies that are helpful in any type of disaster. What makes the kits stand out is they come with potassium iodide,” Joshua Lindley, spokesperson for First Aid Survival, reports.This substance is a stable (not radioactive) salt that helps block the thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive iodine. Because of this, the gland is protected from radiation injury.

In addition, First Aid Survival offers a variety of other kits, including Earthquake Survival Kits and Pet Survival Kits. Every kit comes with a range of items needed during a crisis. This includes food, water, first aid supplies, an
emergency whistle, a rain poncho, a radio and a flashlight.

“Some of the larger kits now contain playing cards. The cards help to relieve stress and offer survival tips. Each
card comes with tips printed right on it, so individuals learn as they have fun. The tips can be of great help when a
person encounters a situation they are not familiar with also,” Lindley continues.

Defense experts across the globe believe nuclear war may be inevitable. If North Korea obtains missiles capable of reaching cities in the United States, the experts say there will be no way to avoid military action to protect American citizens. As North Korea continues to work toward this goal, many individuals feel now is the time to prepare for any eventuality.

“Visit First Aid Survival today to see the kits offered. The government may not be able to respond to the needs of all if war does break out. For this reason, every citizen needs to take responsibility for their own safety. These kits make it easier to do so,” Lindley states.

About First Aid Survival:

First Aid Survival operates with the goal of helping people prepare for emergencies that may threaten their lives and their quality of living. They supply people with the correct information and equip them with the tools needed to survive the disaster with minimal damage and save their lives. Being prepared provides a person with peace of mind that cannot be overstated. If disaster never strikes, and the company hopes and prays this is the case, the person retains the peace of mind that they were prepared and this is worth the price of the effort.