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The human body needs food and water to survive. A human can go for more than three weeks without food, but water is a different story. At least 60% of the adult body is made of water and general estimates are that one week to survive without water would be a generous estimate. However, the one-week estimate allows for survival in a controlled environment. You can go about 100 hours without drinking in average outdoors temperatures and even less if you are exposed to direct sunlight. In emergency situations rarely will you be exposed to comfortable and controlled environments. Emergencies and disasters are not usually so corporative.

A well thought out plan for long term food and water storage is paramount to a good survival plan. Start at what you can afford and build on it over a period of time. Very few people can afford to do it all at once. Whether you plan for only a few weeks needed to survive natural disasters such as floods, tornados and earthquakes or for a much longer period of time necessary for man-made disasters, remember that food and water will be at a premium. Water may be plentiful but good drinking water may not be. Micron Water Filters, Micro Filter Bottles and Pocket Micro Filters will produce high volume potable water. Purification Tablets are also a very affordable option and should be kept in addition to water filters. Some of the best commercial food products are offered by Wise Foods and we proudly represent them but there are other options you might want to consider for preparing your own food for long term food storage. Vacuum sealers and food dehydrators are both good ways to preserve your own game meat along with vegetables and fruits from your garden. Survival seeds are also an excellent, low cost alternative that will insure your long-term survival. For short term survival we offer Survival Food Kits that can be kept at work, at home or in your vehicles.

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